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Jass Singh
**#2 Salesperson, Papakura, Barfoot & Thompson 2016-2017,2017-2018, 2018-2019.** **#8 Individual Salesperson, South Auckland Region, 2020** **#6 Salesperson, South Auckland Region, 2019** **#8 Salesperson, South Auckland Region, 2018** **#9 Salesperson, South Auckland Region 2017** Selling Solutions Not Promises! Why choose Jass Singh to represent you? After completing years of extensive training and gaining immense work experience Jass has achieved numerous awards as a leading agent, Jass has accessed skills and an understanding of the market which is second to none. Over the years of representing different clients, he has grown a vast business network which is always at the client’s disposal. What makes him such a competitive real estate agent, is the qualities he values. Charisma. Having the quality of being a people person and a skilled negotiator with a helpful attitude, Jass is able to provide paramount results consistently. Dedication. Jass is always ready for any task, no matter how immense. Once he has been asked to achieve a goal, he is devoted to it until his clients are satisfied. Enthusiast. Jass is available every hour of everyday to fulfill any of his client’s and customer's real estate needs. He works with enthusiasm and perseverance until perfection has been achieved. Passion. Jass realised early on in his career as a real estate agent that his passion lay within seeing his clients in delight from the opportunities that he shows them. Because of this passion and love for his work, he strives to achieve great results with every sale. Knowledge. Jass has explicit knowledge of the latest rules, regulations and the technology used in the real estate industry. Having resided in the Central, Southern and Eastern parts of Auckland for more than 15 years, Jass shows an invaluable comprehension of the property market in these areas. Every situation is unique and thus it is critical For Jass to spend some time with his clients to truly discover their personal situation, expectations, and property needs. For more information about real solutions for selling or purchasing your real estate successfully, feel free to contact Jass Singh or pop in and see him at his office. Recommendations: I sold my house quickly! Just before the COVID 19 Lockdown - 25th March 2020 I found Jass Singh to be friendly, competent and working for me constantly. He is a good salesman. So many people who walk past and see the SOLD sign say to me ”You sold your house quickly”. I tell them “Good agent”. Gayle ( Karaka Harbourside) We recently sold our property through Jass Singh and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Jass Singh went over and above to sell our property within a reasonable timespan. We were always kept updated at every step and got the best possible and honest advice. We assuredly recommend him. Jazz & Harkirat (Karaka) We would like to thank Jass for his professional work in selling our house at Karaka Harbourside. Jass seems to have a list of waiting buyers. The person who bought our house looked through the day after it was listed, the house was signed up a few days after. Also, other offers were received. We recommend Jass as a very efficient, friendly and successful agent. Willis and Mary ( Karaka Harbourside) We would personally love to thank Jass Singh for all the hard work he put into selling our house. Not only did he give professional help, he also ensured the photography was perfect and the presentation was appealing. He ensured that we were not stressed as everything was explained clearly and thoroughly. He pretty much took all the stress off our shoulders! In short, he was always on our side working to make our house sale as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Jass was that he was always more focused on answering our questions and giving us good advice. I m gonna recommend him to all my friends and family. Vishal and Pavit - Papakura Jass Singh had sold us the property originally two years ago, without any problems. We were so impressed with the purchase, we said we will use him for our sale. Wow, what a great sale and a great team Jass has. The second person he showed through bought our house. Jane and myself were thrilled with the total package from start to go. We will always recommend Jass and his PA, Neena. Edward and Jane Browne - Karaka Harbourside