Life is full of unexpected!

Why did I become an agent? To be honest, it was a fortunate misunderstanding. Upon moving to Auckland in 2003, I thought this job would be flexible, so I could pick up the boys after school. Well, it was certainly not that flexible as you start to sell properties in their dozens!

We're thankful to have been part of the journey for all sorts of people - lovely families, smart investors and desperate owners. When I look at a SOLD sticker plastered across a signboard, what comes to mind is each owner's story, the next chapter of their lives, and the difficult moments they had to work through to get to this point.

I used to work in the PC industry and a venture capital firm in Taiwan. Jonas was a novelist, scriptwriter and has been lecturing in Chinese literature and philosophy every Friday evening since 2006. Every summer we select a Great Walk to go with our boys and had lots of fun in Tongariro Crossing, Milford Track, Mt Taranaki Summit and Whanganui River...

Throughout the 16 years, we have gained a lot of experience not only with properties but with people. We are here to offer you a great deal of insight - into the minds of both Kiwi and Asian buyers. With abundant local knowledge, buyers' database coupled with enthusiasm and professionalism, we will work with you to achieve the best possible result.

Let's make it an extraordinary journey!