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With her passion for housing and her love of working with people, it was only a matter of time before Susan made real estate a career. And what a great move it is - her skill has no bounds in this industry where hard work always pays off.

Previously a teacher in China for 16 years and an assistant accountant in New Zealand she's great with numbers, is an excellent listener and communicator, and she's also got excellent customer service and computer skills too.

Susan is of Chinese descent so when it comes to working with Chinese clients - whether in a seller or purchaser situation - she's understands the way they like to do business and is able to speak the language they feel most comfortable with.

With a husband who's a licensed builder, Susan's been around the building industry long enough to understand housing at a deeper level. She's also been involved in the build of her home so she understands the building and consent process too.

Susan is an expert on the local property market. She's lived here for many years, takes time to research and understand prices in the area and is involved in the community through her favourite pastime - badminton.

Whether you are a seller or a purchaser, you can be assured that Susan will guide you with expert information and advice to achieve the outcome you desire. Call her today to see how she can help you.

#10 Individual Salesperson, West Auckland Region, 6 months ending September 2019