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Royal Heights

Yong Seok Chang
Yong Seok Chang is a successful and very experienced Real Estate agent. He first entered the property market in 2001 and since then it has been his passion and he has built his career around selling houses in Auckland where today he has a large client base. He is based in the Royal Heights branch where he specializes in houses in Massey, Royal Heights, Te Atatu, Henderson and West Harbour. Yong says, "I love Auckland and want to do my best here. Selling houses is what I do best, so that is what I do!" Whether listing or selling, Yong is very focused and committed to his clients and their needs and through this achieves successful results. Yong utilizes his experience in the property market to efficiently analyze the current property markets and can quickly give sound professional advice with the utmost sincerity and integrity. Through his professional advice Yong provides excellent information which his clients used to make the best choice they can which leaves them happy and satisfied. Yong is of Korean decent and is able to speak English and Korean fluently which allows access to a wider range of clients and buyers who either prefer to speak in English or Korean. By being bilingual Yong can appeal to a larger audience of buyers and can competently address clients and buyers of different backgrounds who are local or based abroad. So if you want to entrust the sale or purchase of your property with a genuine professional with more than 15 years of experience and total commitment to you, call Yong now.