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Aden XU
#1 Salesperson, Takapuna Branch, 6 months ending September 2019 #4 Sales Team, North Shore Region, 6 months ending September 2019 #1 Salesperson - Takapuna Branch, Year ending 2018 #4 Sales Team - Northshore, Barfoot & Thompson, Year ending 2018 #15 Salesperson Barfoot & Thompson, Year ending 2018 #6. Sales Partnership, North Shore Region, 2016 Aden joined the real estate industry with one goal - to help people achieve their dreams. The combination of his exceptional attitude and his skill set is already proving to be his greatest asset, and is setting him up for a thriving real estate career. Aden's previous experience is in the hospitality industry where he worked initially as a bar manager in Christchurch's Casino Diamond Bar and then as the owner of a bar in downtown Auckland called Crystal Lounge Bar. His experience taught him the importance of treating every client like royalty, and gave him the ability to work with a variety of people from all different professionals, social and cultural backgrounds. When Aden sets a goal he does whatever it takes to achieve it. It's this attitude that saw him achieve many milestones in his hospitality career, including 1st place in barista and cocktail competitions, and that will also see him become one of North Shores' most reputable and respected real estate salespeople. With the ability to speak Mandarin and English, Aden has a wide group of contacts and a connection to overseas buyers. That's a big benefit for clients who want the widest reach when selling their home, and is also a great asset for those clients who prefer to speak in their native language. Aden has a great deal of personal experience with property. He's bought three sections and built houses on all of them, owned an investment property and always keeps his eye on the market to seek out any further opportunities. When Aden isn't working, he loves spending time with his son Oscar and enjoys taking his family to enjoy the area's community activities. Passionate and committed, Aden is also respectful, thankful and considerate. People who work with him will soon see that he's someone of integrity and authenticity and become vocal clients for life. Call Aden for all of your buying and selling needs.