Contact Ariana on 0212348841 or email at a.milo@barfoot.co.nz

Determination and hard work always pays off!

I grew up my whole life as a competitive person playing basketball as well as other sports for the thrill of chasing a win. This built character, a strong mind, physical energy, and a passion for doing my best.

Knowing how to perform under pressure is important in sports as it is in Real Estate because every home owner wants their agent to be cool under pressure while also showing charisma, professionalism, negotiating excellence, people skills and industry knowledge.

So what makes me stand out from the rest?

Everything I worked hard for in my early sporting memories is exactly the work ethic I have in business and I'll tell you how I go about doing that. What I do is focus my strengths as a person to help win over clients. I stay true to who I am and use a 'winning strategy' to get homes SOLD.

The mindset that I carry everyday is to envision my future and not rely on my past achievements as a way to sell.

I provide excellent service to my clients and build a business around referrals. You will find that you only recommend people that do a good job and can trust, my clients time over come back to me to have their property sold.