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Frana Becker specialises in selling lifestyle and residential properties in the Riverhead-Coatesville area. Frana herself lives on a semi-rural block in Coatesville, which gives her the confidence to say, “I don’t just sell a home, I sell a lifestyle!” Speaking from experience, she is eager to encourage young families to move from the city to enjoy the amazing benefits that come with additional space - room for the kids to play, a pool, a pony, planting … the advantages are endless.

But for more easy-care options and still within close distance from the city, the green belt of Riverhead offers beautiful family homes that are great value for money. Frana knows the local community well, and as a mum of three, can give the good oil on everything from local schools to, of course, the local property market. Indeed, Frana works hard to be on point with local happenings in real estate, so that she can provide insightful information to clients.

Having experience in commercial property, Frana is a consummate professional yet you will find her always to be an affable person who builds a ready rapport. Being a natural matchmaker, she enjoys nothing more than to bring buyers to the home they have been looking, putting them at ease when making significant property decisions.

Outside of work and family, Frana is a keen cross-fitter who can climb a rope – literally and figuratively. She realises the importance of setting goals and then doing everything she can to achieve them.

You can rely on Frana to show the same determination when selling your property.