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Working together the husband and wife real estate duo of Edit and Adrian Frazer bring double the benefit to your buying or selling experience.

Edit and Adrian combine the full weight of their property knowledge, living experience in the area and business skills to get the best results for their clients. For over a decade Edit and her husband Adrian have lived, worked, and raised their family in the local area. As a result they have a firm grasp on property, and community happenings in Stonefields, Mt Wellington, St Johns and Meadowbank.

Hungarian born “people person,” Edit, has visited and lived in many countries, understanding well the needs of those from different cultures, and working with clients to minimise pressure and maximise results by listening to their needs and understanding their requirements.

Adrian is a team player with a strong sense of his own contribution and accountability. If he starts something, he is determined to finish it, which often takes a degree of tenacity. .... and he has built a real estate business on referrals for the same reasons. He is proud to have clients he has worked with for over 25 years. Being self-employed most of his working life, Adrian appreciates that achieving great outcomes for clients is why they come back again and again.