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Adam’s confidence and energy is infectious. His drive to succeed is underpinned by a strong foundation of ethics and honesty. He does the best for clients and knows how to achieve that extra 5% – without compromising on integrity or trust.

Over the last decade, Adam has cemented his national reputation as an agent of outstanding calibre. Since becoming the youngest person ever to reach the Top Achievers threshold for Bayleys New Zealand, Adam’s career has grown from strength to strength, earning him numerous awards and accolades and consistently placing him within the top 3 agents of over 1,000 agents nationwide. After entering the industry at the age of twenty, he’s gone on to sell an excess of $700,000,000 in real estate – a formidable track record that provides him with daily motivation for ongoing success.

Residential real estate is an inherently emotional process. Adam understands that his success in the industry is defined by his ability to build strong relationships, and as a result he is adamant that honesty and integrity should always come first.

Along with good instincts, high standards and strong communication skills, Adam believes that his willingness to get personally invested in each sale is what allows him to achieve such outstanding results. Naturally, this devoted approach is reflected in his high number of return clients.

Over the years Adam has hand-selected a unique team of individuals who share his work ethic, discipline, and appreciation for a job well done. While he admits to being something of a perfectionist, he knows that this attention to detail and commitment to leaving no stone unturned is what ultimately sets his team apart.

I know it’s a privilege to have the trust of my clients, which is why I can never let myself get complacent. Each sale is an opportunity for us to showcase the incredibly high quality work we do, and that’s what motivates us to push ourselves to achieve the absolute best possible outcomes.


We are specialists in residential and developments,

including existing homes, townhouses and

apartments, new builds, lifestyle sections and

residential developments. From character homes in

Christchurch’s oldest suburbs to brand-new builds

in one of the many subdivisions surrounding the city,

we cover all the bases with equal dedication.


We strive to make the process fun for our clients.

Our aim is to take the stress of the unknown and

transform it into excitement about what’s possible.

We lead clients through the process, offering

reassurance when hurdles arise and expert advice at

every stage.


We understand the power of marketing and harness

it to your advantage. By tapping into the emotions

of prospective buyers we are able to drive prices

upwards. We use professional photography and

compelling copy to ensure our listings stand head

and shoulders above the rest.


We believe in total clarity from the get-go. Realistic

expectations are set up front, followed by frequent

and open communication. We follow through on our

promises and are committed to giving every job 100%

effort, 100% of the time.

At the end of the day, we feel satisfied knowing we've

done everything we can towards a job. We’re in real

estate for the long haul. As such, we endeavour to

build lasting relationships with our clients, many of

whom we now count amongst our friends.


B Rose

"Taking a property to the market is often a time of emotional complexity. Adam's sensitivity, integrity and experience along with his ability to deliver optimal results were deeply appreciated. Adam’s commitment, attention to detail and knowledge was evident at all stages of the process. Most importantly I genuinely felt his honesty, effective communication and transparency generated not only trust in him but also in the process. It was a pleasure to work with Adam and his highly efficient and personable team. I recommend him unreservedly."

E White

"You and your team, including the auctioneer, are to be commended for your exemplary professionalism and work ethic. Your commitment to ensuring a very successful sale was very evident at every step which made it a stress-free experience for me, and I am sure for the potential buyers too. It was my privilege to have you and Danielle as the agents to sell my property. Thank you."
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