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Proud to work in a team that combines experience, wisdom, vitality & maturity; conducting business based on good old fashioned morals & ethics in real estate. Quality for you.

Sandra joined Bayley’s as a P.A. when the sparkling new office in Motueka opened in 2004. Her bright personality and broad thought process coupled with wisdom beyond her years, brought a much-appreciated perspective to the Motueka team.

Fast forward to 2022 – Sandra now spearheads the Goodman/Long sales team as Jan slides into a quieter role. Sandra’s client focused approach and principles of honesty, integrity and willingness to listen has resulted in outstanding service for her clients together with numerous recommendations and referrals.

Sandra is very conscientious that in enlisting her services, her vendors are placing usually their most expensive asset in her hands. The trust that they are placing on her shoulders is not taken lightly, Sandra is responsible and thoughtful through the entire marketing and selling process. Mindful of the vendors situation and wanting to do her very best for them by achieving an excellent result.

The university of life has taught Sandra many skills – one of her greatest teachers is having brought up three children through their teenage years while her husband was often away from home due to his occupation. She wove her way through these times with aplomb, which in this day, is no mean fete.

If you are looking for somebody to market your home with this level of focus and calmness, result driven and professional – all great attributes in these times of turbulent waters, ensure you call Sandra.

Here is what local business Let the Secret Out has said about Sandra:

Buying and selling houses is tough. Not only are you upheaving the family and pets to a new place, but you are also putting together the military operation that is organising the shift. Meetings with bankers, builders, solicitors, accountants, valuers, and many more - that’s all in the name of drafting up the blueprint for the sale!

Oh, and in the middle of that, finding time to visit a new property that fits within your needs and budget, so as not not be left homeless...

You need someone honest and genuine to talk to. Someone real.

Sandra is your real Real Estate Agent.

Years of experience across a range of industries has given the team of Sandra Goodman and her PA Anna-May Martin a wealth of experience beyond real estate - using these extra skills gives them the one stop shop convenience for clients.

The girls compliment each other beautifully. Sandra has an incredible eye for the finer detail in transactions - numbers and figures for properties, as well as her previous experience as a survey draftsperson. Anna-May is the fabulous promoter and stylist, her university background in textiles and building her own house gives her the creative flair to make the value-add recommendations as part of the appraisal service. Together they have the girl power factor: think Sandy Spice and Irish Spice.

Sandra’s loyal and professional nature means she doesn’t just sell to a customer, she sells to families. The number of intergenerational connections she has developed are a testament to her family referrals and high level of trust. From first homes to Brown Acres.

Sandra loves Motueka. She is passionate about the expansion and success of the area she has been one of the leading drivers of bringing Tana Pukekohatu and Puketutu subdivisions to the market (and selling them in no time…)

Real Estate with Sandra. Goes hand in hand like red wine with cheese.