Summer brings energy and a degree of absolute professionalism to every transaction. Her core interests are to exceed expectation by delivering a service that is unrivalled and to display her true skill which is negotiation on every deal. There are more case studies than one could count on how Summer proved her worth by extracting a premium when all else was against her or the property.

Summer’s likeable trusting demeanor puts not only sellers at ease but equally buyers. Her unflappable nature always ensures you as a client are well and truly in capable hands. Handling some of the biggest sales in the market has come about due to her strength in understanding how to deliver a solution on time every time.

Acknowledged over the years with many performance awards - including being named among the top 5 % of a 1000-plus team of real estate professionals in 2011 and Number One Salesperson in the Inner-West Region in 2012/2013, Top office salesperson in 2014/2017 – Summer consistently achieves outstanding outcomes for her clients in the Central and West Auckland areas.

In the world of real estate you are buying a service that can add real value or real harm to a transaction. One thing is for certain, Summer’s value added component is her single biggest point of difference. Bringing the power of Summer and the Bayleys brand together just means you can rest easy and let a true professional go to work!