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Blair Haddow
Number 1 Salesperson Bayleys Ponsonby 2017/2018 2018/2019 Top 5% Bayleys Agents Nationwide 2017/2018 Top 5% Bayleys Agents Nationwide 2016/2017 Top 5% Bayleys Agents Nationwide 2015/2016 Top 5% Bayleys Agents Nationwide 2014/2015 Top 10% Bayleys Agents Nationwide 2013/2014 Top 5% Bayleys Agents Nationwide 2011/2012 Top 10% Bayleys Agents Nationwide 2010/2011 Top 5% Bayleys Agents Nationwide 2019 Individual Auction Award 2018 Individual Auction Award 2017 Changed Agents Award Top Auction Agent Bayleys Inner West 2017/2018 Top Auction Agent Bayleys Inner West 2015/2016 2018 Achievement award for $200M worth of settled sales 2015 Achievement award for $100M worth of settled sales 2013 Achievement award for $50M worth of settled sales 2012 Achievement award for $25M worth of settled sales Bayleys Real Estate Marketing award 2014 Bayleys Top Achiever 2016 Bayleys High Achiever 2015 Bayleys Top Achiever 2014 Bayleys High Achiever 2012 Bayleys High Achiever 2011 Bayleys High Achiever 2010 REINZ Superstar Panelist 2017 REINZ Superstar Panelist 2011 Grey Lynn Highest Sale Achieved 2017 Auckland Central Highest Sale Achieved 2009 Honesty, transparency, empathy and total professionalism matched with the best possible sale price through superior negotiation. That’s Blair Haddow’s pledge to every single one of his clients. A long career in customer service, in conjunction with personal experience renovating, selling and buying his own properties prior to becoming an agent instilled the knowledge that delivering a level of service and an end result above and beyond his client’s expectations is the fundamental element in a successful real estate experience. Bringing this knowledge to all of his business dealings means Blair’s clients are assured they’re in expert hands. Blair passes on experience as both a consumer and a professional real estate agent. Blair has established a proven track record of achieving standout results, even in challenging market conditions. Extensive product knowledge plus high-end negotiation skills mean Blair is an excellent choice if you are thinking of buying or selling. Joining Bayleys has given Blair the ability to offer his clients the ultimate experience, giving clients a whole new level of personalised service, whilst accessing the industry’s best tools and resources, all backed by a professional real estate company and the support of a high-profile brand. For the skills, experience and personal service you want from the agent selling your home, Blair Haddow will deliver. What others have to say For many years both Jonathan and myself have worked on the fringes of the real estate industry. As a brand/ advertising agency to a large Auckland real estate player, we were very aware of the pit falls, the hard sell strategies and the negative edge of the industry you work in. Lazy agents, communication voids and broken promises, we knew was the darker side of an industry that had attracted tough government legislation. Yet, this was not our experience. From the very start your professionalism and passion for your job was evident. You were so well prepared and your proposal was thought through, valuable and real world. Your empathy for our position showed, yet you still had the courage and the foresight to ask us to look higher at the opportunity the property offered. In particular, this is what we saw that impressed us Ownership - seeing you fluff pillows, smooth down sheets and wipe down benches made us feel like you had a real stake in the presentation of the property. Ongoing communication - your texts, your reports and your weekly meetings. Keep them up. They are invaluable as the vendor will hang on every word, comment and sentence you say or write down. It so helps to calm the nerves and make your vendors feel like the project is under control Not being overly positive/ negative - we noticed the way you delivered results of the open homes. Not overly positive, nor negative, just " this is how it was ". We also noticed your measured responses to our questions. All true signs of a real estate professional. Your availability - in an job where you are inundated with phone calls, you were always friendly and ready to listen when we called with an inane question. This is so appreciated when your largest investment is the subject of the conversation You were unflappable - through out the whole process, both Jonathan and I kept on saying how glad we were that we had you as our agent. You always seemed to have everything under control Your personal style - without a doubt, having a tall, smart man standing at the front of your home on open home day, says loads to your vendors and your buyers. Blair, it was a complete breeze to do business with you - by the time auction day came, we knew, and more importantly, we felt, like nothing more could be done. The market had been wrung dry and all interested parties were in the room on that day - I have NEVER felt like that before! Ill say it again, both Jonathan and I were so pleased that you were our agent.