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My journey in NZ began in 2009 when I decided to pursue a post graduate diploma (Level 8) in Hospitality at PIHMS. I always thought I’d complete the course then work in a hotel somewhere in NZ, I never thought I would fall in love with New Plymouth so much that I’d feel at home or meet my wife here. New Plymouth is such a wonderful place that I call it a “City of Opportunities “.

After graduating from PIHMS I worked as a Restaurant Manager at Arborio for over three years, it gave me the privilege of learning lots about various cultures and mixes of people this region possesses. Due to my motivation and love for challenges I decided to open my own business in 2014 at Centre City shopping centre called “ Beirut Kebabs & Salads “ . The business was a great success and the amount of love and support I received from the community was overwhelming. We were also awarded as finalists in the TSB TOP shop award 2016. Despite owning my own business at the age of 29, I still felt as though something was missing in my life and I wanted to achieve more, that’s how my career in Real estate started.

I am here to exceed and achieve my client expectations. Giving a great service in food lasts for a short period of time whereas selling houses is an achievement which creates long lasting memories for years to come. I’m not just “selling houses”, I’m helping to create homes.