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Scott is an internationally awarded marketing professional with an aptitude for technology and digital communications as well as a natural capacity for communications and business.

Scott’s experience in Auckland apartments extends a long way as it was his parents who set up City Sales back in 1997. He has been professionally involved with the business since 2013 and worked with many owners, buyers, landlords and tenants throughout this time.

Armed with a Bachelor of Communications and a Graduate Diploma in Business, Scott excels in many areas including interpersonal and business communications, marketing creativity, technology, innovation and digital strategies.

Having spent much of his adult life working in London’s most prestigious Public Relations agency, Scott has honed his skills whilst working with and alongside people from all over the world. He holds a brilliant and reliable work ethic as well as an attitude focused on delivering a service ‘higher than excellence’. His work history features a client list of Super Brands including the likes of Samsung International Head Office and Universal Pictures UK. You can be assured of Scott’s professionalism and client service.

Home for Scott is an Auckland apartment, giving him an insider’s perspective and allowing him to relate to and network with an influential crowd of owners, purchasers, building managers, body corporates and more. Social by nature and located right in the thick of it, this also makes Scott an expert on the Auckland City scene including the best bars and restaurants, transport links, hidden gems, up and coming hot spots and more. He puts this to great use when working with potential purchasers.

Professionalism, integrity and a comprehensive understanding of the Auckland apartment market place Scott in a privileged position to advise you on a sale or purchase of Auckland apartments.