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Courtney prides herself on clear, direct communication. She is also a master in the art of negotiation. Courtney is straight to the point, bold, hungry, a big thinker and she will do whatever it takes to protect the value of your home, and get results.

With over 10 years of experience, and huge personal success in the industry, Courtney has become a household name when it comes to real estate transactions in the North West. She has developed a multi-million dollar business. Doing what? Backing herself in the field of real estate.

Negotiation is one of her key strengths, which results in her ability to get the top price for vendors. This is supported by the fact that Courtney has sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of property during her time in real estate. Getting the best price for every property she lists is her passion, she thrives on it.

Nothing is generic in terms of the approach that is adopted for each property Courtney sells. It is her job to understand the demographics of the buyer that would be most attracted to your property. She then tailors the marketing campaign, photography and approach to selling your home based on that knowledge.

At Courtney & Co, Courtney and her team have established a brand with a clear vision of providing clients with an effective and innovative marketing experience. Most agencies follow a rigid franchise marketing agreement. Diversion from the exact adherence to the agency brand is not possible.

Courtney does better for her clients. She has established a company which engages the best specialists in the appropriate fields to make affordable marketing that is fresh, exciting and effective. This means that your home is getting the best treatment, to strive for premium results.

The team of creatives at Courtney & Co include a brand manager who has over twenty-years of experience in design, marketing, photography and art direction. Tight deadlines, visionary vendors and perfection needed in a pinch? Not a problem. Bring it on!

Courtney is known to be genuine, fun, approachable, hard-working and a great listener. Don’t just take it from us, check out an array of testimonials at courtneyandco.co.nz that attest to all of the above and much more.