Debbie O'Driscoll - Edinburgh Realty


Debbie O'Driscoll
Apparently, I take “going the extra mile” beyond many people’s expectations. Yes, I have loaned vendors my horse float, made families a meal on move day and even helped one couple move their lawn (long story…). But buying and selling a property is a big deal. For most people, it’s a positive time and they are really excited, but there’s a lot to do. One small gesture from me relieves them of a little less pressure. I’ve been a property consultant for the past 19 years. My career previous to real estate was in hospitality management. As a landlord for several years, I have good knowledge of both residential and investment property – and the distinct difference between the two. One is a business decision. One is your home. Listening is critical in this job. I put a lot of energy into understanding buyers’ and sellers’ needs and wants, so I “get it” and can do the best possible job for them.