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If you are familiar with the Dunedin investment rental market, you will be familiar with Lane Sievwright, Clayton Sievwright, and Aimee Marsh. The Edinburgh investment team are responsible for a large portion of the sales in the North Dunedin and Central City. With over 38 years combined experience managing and selling investment properties in this market, we believe we offer an experienced and proven record, which will assist in obtaining the best result for you.

Clayton Sievwright - Property is in my blood. We grew up with the family always busy with our own rental properties – carrying out maintenance and keeping a close eye on the market.

In 2008 I made the move into real estate. It wasn’t a hard decision, given my genuine interest in property and the family connection. Prior to becoming a property consultant, I worked in the building and hospitality industries. I also have a diploma in business, majoring in marketing and management. The marketing background, in particular, is something I use every day to assist sellers and buyers achieve their goals.

While student rental investments are a significant part of our work, a large percentage of our sales are in family homes and inner city rental investment properties, beyond the campus area.

When it comes to selling real estate, my approach is positive, upfront and honest. I listen carefully, so I understand both the buyers’ and sellers’ needs. If I see any potential hiccups, my coal face experience is invaluable in solving any problems from involved parties.

Lane Sievwright - For as long as I can remember, our family has been involved in Real Estate in one form or another. The student rental market was something I grew up with and was often the topic of conversation within the family.

Fast forward and it’s probably no surprise that, here I am: a property consultant, specialising in investment property, a director/owner of Edinburgh Realty, continue to own my own student flats and a hands on landlord.

I’ve been selling property since 2005. In my previous life, I was with the New Zealand Police and earlier still, the banking sector. I completed an Otago commerce degree, majoring in financial management. It’s turned out to be a useful base, when it comes to analysing property investment proposals and helping buyers and sellers work through “what stacks up”.

While student rental investments are a significant part of our work, an increasing percentage of our sales are in family homes and inner city rental investment properties, beyond the campus area.

My work philosophy is simple: Be up front, honest and always do my best by all clients.

Aimee Marsh - I have dedicated my career to property. Managing it, renovating it, building it, investing in it, and making it profitable. This useful perspective and deeper understanding has given me vast knowledge of the different facets of the property market which enables me to help a wide range of people with their property goals.

By really listening and connecting with clients in conjunction with hard work and a keen eye for detail, helps me achieve the best outcome for your situation. Sometimes it’s stepping outside the box, with the ability to create/generate effective solutions along the pathway to achieving a fantastic result.

Support and valuable advice is ongoing, whether you are a current or past client I am always just a phone call away or a good cup of coffee and a sit down, it’s is all part of the package. It’s an absolute pleasure being a part of your journey and achieving life milestones beside you, which creates such a thrill and keeps the real estate blood pumping.

Working in a team with Lane and Clayton Sievwright allows us to collectively draw on our multiple years of experience and develop a plan that will be executed effectively to create the best result possible. When providing advice, it truly comes from a place of experience.

As they say, three heads are better than one.