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Forest is now working for Harcourt Hobson Partner. He has great relationship with his clients and listen to the clients’ wants and needs. He is also working for the immigration consultancy area.

Being wildly successful in the fields of immigration and overseas investment in the past years, Forest partners up with senior elites from various industries and establishes a solid network with all walks of life, where he will devote his abundant knowledge and handful of resources to the real estate industry.

Forest is a New Zealand raised and spent significant years witnessing the booming of the country and gaining unique ideas over various industries. His previous roles enable him with a comprehensive ability to understand customer demands in profundity and deliver excellent services to customers, he always gives careful consideration to cost versus benefit for each of your various mapping choices.

Originally from China, Forest is fluent in Mandarin and English and therefore promises the least gap in the cultural barrier. It can not be easier to approach him as he is born a communicator and has a way with people. Patience, honesty, troubleshooting, and customer first, are all qualities you could find in him.

Call him at the Harcourts Hobson Partner branch and you will be guaranteed to find the hidden gem in the property market.

Communication, Active Listening and Negotiation is the most important part that Forest want to achieve to his clients. Within the real estate market, all the clients’ wants is to put the property to the best marketplace. Forest has great relationship with all his clients. He have great knowledge deal with the real estate industry and sensitive sense about the market. He also have an immigration consultancy company for years with hundreds of clients which will be so helpful for his overseas buyers.