Harcourts - Grenadier - Riccarton



Definitely not a glory hunter, Kevin is a performance-driven, low-key operator who had dedicated his life to big-ticket selling throughout New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific regions prior to joining Harcourts 15 years ago.

Many years spent in vehicle retail, management & ownership involving business in Japan, and China are experiences that have brought a wealth of experience and understanding how different people think and approach life and living. For these reasons Kevin is at home in almost any environment and with Amy at his side considers he is well equipped to deal with any enquiry or opportunity in the easy style that he has developed.

Kevin and Amy have progressively established a solid network throughout the various local communities through patience to listen, insight to develop ideas and determination to the job is done thoroughly and accurately. Everyone must win is the philosophy.

Whether buying, selling or simply consulting Kevin assures clients and customers of his best attention and determination to achieve the results required.

Kevin’s outlook is simple-Be there for your people, listen to all sides, consult, mediate, get to what it’s all about; and just do it. Above all, enjoy it. Why make life harder than it needs to be?

The big picture, double-win and simplicity is the essence of life and Kevin is here and ready to assist-you only have to ask.