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Over the past 11 years, Richard Liu has gained recognition as one of the most distinguished real estate agents in the Auckland Eastern suburbs. As a local resident for over 26 years, Richard has unsurpassed knowledge of the marketplace, which enables him to instinctively match clients with their ideal properties.

Richard's solid work ethic, his extensive experience and dedication to his clients have earned him an impeccable reputation in the industry. Richard has proudly built his real estate career – one satisfied client at a time. Richard's clients find him personable and down-to-earth, and they value his wise counsel concerning any real estate transactions. Richard follows the market closely and is able to provide relevant and informed advice to his clients. Richard is his clients' greatest advocate, always keeping their interests on his top of mind.

Richard strongly believes in becoming a person of value, rather than a person of success. You can rely on Richard to help you realize the full potential of your real estate investment through his devotion to exceptional service.

Richard’s Real Estate Awards:

January - March 2021 Gold Award

October - December 2020 Bronze Award

January - March 2020 Bronze Award

October - December 2019 Bronze Award

January-March 2019 Silver Award

October - December 2018 Gold Award

July - September 2018 Silver Award

April - June 2018 Bronze Award

January - March 2018 Bronze Award

8th Place 2016-2017 Preet & Co End of The Year Award

July - September 2017 Silver Award

April-June 2017 Bronze Award

January-March 2017 Bronze Award

October-December 2016 Gold Award

July-September 2016 Bronze Award

April –June 2016 Platinum Award

January – March 2016 Gold Award

October –December 2015 Bronze Award

April –June 2015 Gold Award

January-March 2015 Platinum Award

July- September 2015 Silver Award

October-December 2014 Silver Award

October-December 2013 Platinium Award

January-March 2014 Silver Award

July-September 2013 Bronze Award

April-June 2013 Sales Growth Award

April-June 2013 Silver Award

October-December 2012 Silver Award

September- December 2012 Sales Growth Award- Howick

April-June 2012 Silver Award

October-December 2010 Bronze Award

April-June 2010 Bronze Award

Rookie of the Year for Eastzone 2010

January-March 2010 Silver Award

Northern Top Rural Sales Consultant—November 2009

October-December 2009 Gold Award