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17 years of real estate sales experience—$120 million sales.

My very first clients bought their house from me 17 years ago. Since then they have bought and sold various properties and I have been fortunate to have been with them all the way. In fact what started as a business relationship has evolved into a delightful friendship.

And that is the way I have worked from day 1 and it’s what takes real estate from a pretty neat occupation to a level where I get a thrill encountering clients over the years (read: friends)– hearing about the latest news, what the children are up to, who has married who...

Interestingly my time in real estate has also been a time of great change; markets climbing then falling and massive technological advances in leaps and bounds. The funny thing is my approach hasn’t changed. It may sound corny, but I am firmly entrenched in the old school mantra of people count above all else so my professionalism reflects this simple premise: real estate is about people - their relationships, their changes, their dreams.

Actually there is one big change for me. I am now an auctioneer for Harcourts. Auctions and Harcourts go hand in hand so picking up the gavel has meant not only a greater belief that auction is one of the best methods I can offer to assist my clients to sell their home; but also I admire its transparency that buyers and sellers alike demand more and more.

And yes, I admit, I like the spectacle of auction and being able to cry out with celebration - SOLD!