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Trudi Szytkiel
Trudi is an award winning Real Estate Sales Consultant because she is passionate about property through life experience. She has built new homes, renovated old ones and has rental properties. Real Estate trickles through her veins. Trudi will make a point of difference by “KEEPING IT REAL AND KEEPING IT LOCAL”. She will be working hard to become an expert in your neighbourhood. Trudi has also been a real estate office administrator for over 6 years. This has equipped her with exceptional organisational skills, knowledge and hand on experience of systems and processes within the real estate industry. Combined with her passionate approach, empathy and understanding of people she will exceed your expectations. Trudi has a positive, caring, vivacious nature, which makes her a pleasure to work with. She is married and has two boys, Hunter and Carter. This keeps her grounded and very structured which helps her organise her day so she can dedicate all her time and energy to her job. Number 3 - 2012/2013 Number 1 - 2013/2014 Number 1 - 2014/2015 Number 3 - 2015/2016 Number 1 - 2016/2017 Number 1 - 2017/2018 Number 1 - 2018/2019 Number 1 - 2019/2020 For an award winning Sales Consultant that you can rely on, Call Trudi Now.