Simon won’t mind us saying that he has a firm hold of the “oldschool” mantle here at Harcourts Queenstown.

Established, experienced and knowledgeable, he’s seen property trends come, go and come back again. But when you work with Simon, you quickly realise that oldschool doesn’t mean outdated.

Simon’s insightful commentary and sincere guidance offer a true modern-day consultancy style. He’ll give you the full picture no matter what, his listings are always of impeccable bquality and he has the latest industry technology at his fingertips.

Chelsey and Simon joined forces in December 2019 and so far have had a very successful 2020, they cannot wait to see where the rest of the year will take them. A natural peopleperson, Chelsey brings vibrant and new ideas to the table when talking real estate. She is great at listening and taking on board what her clients want, this has helped Chelsey get a lot of repeat business.

Working alongside Simon, the two bring a modern, enthusiastic and down to earth approach to Queenstown real estate. Combining knowledge and honesty, Simon and Chelsey are the two you can trust to help you. Whether you are looking at buying your next property or selling get in touch today with either of us!