Jacob strives to provide the ultimate real estate experience.

With a background in luxury items sales, he understands the value of listening to his clients and delivering on their expectations. Jacob has developed a high level of customer service skills which translates into all aspects of his business.

He has a personable, genuine approach and one of his strengths is his ability to build rapport with his clients where open communication is paramount.

Jacob will tailor a marketing programme for your property and get your property the far reaching exposure it needs to generate a premium result. Committed to getting every last cent that he can for your property, you can rest assured all the moving pieces will be aligned to showcase your property in the best possible light.

Sophisticated buyers today demand immediate and detailed property information about your property through a variety of media. Meeting their needs by being responsive and proactive with all communication.

Jacob has personally purchased and sold residential property. He understands the pressures and the expectations of the real estate market. He moved to Tauranga in 2016 with his wife and three children and, having happily settled here, now calls Tauranga home. Immersing children into schools, sports and building friendships made discovering local amenities a must.

This experience has reinforced the importance of understanding a client’s journey from where they are, where they want to go and how they will get there.

Jacobs passion is providing the best service and experience possible; taking pride in the belief and knowledge that his clients have had the best outcome.