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From flying the friendly skies to helping you sell or buy your next home, Lee Yao has the can-do, go-getting personality that can turn your property dreams into brick and mortar reality.

Having spent more than 12 years cruising at 30,000 ft as a cabin crew manager Lee’s long term ambitions were always much more down to earth and Covid gave him the perfect opportunity to hang up his wings and retrain as a real estate agent.

Moving to New Zealand from native China 30 years ago and calling West Auckland ‘home’ for the last 20 years has equipped Lee with an intimate knowledge of the area’s trends, buyer habits and expectations. Add to that his language fluency in English, Mandarin and Shanghai dialect, Lee is capable of dealing with buyers and sellers across a diverse cultural landscape.

Lee is tech-savvy and can promote the most appealing features of your property to a broad buyer demographic using device-based marketing or old-school print.

Whether you’re selling a lifestyle mansion packed with glitz or buying a solid family home where you can raise the kids, Lee has the skills, contacts and expertise that all adds up to a service to please.

If you’re looking at relocation then let Lee speed you toward your next destination.