Jel Puyat - Mike Pero


Jel Puyat
Capitalising on the power of social media in this day and age when it comes to marketing. Originally from the Philippines, has been in New Zealand for seven years. He had worked as a team leader in the health care setting for six years and his appealing way of communicating with people led him to being offered a job in the real estate business. An overseas registered nurse, Jel personifies compassion and the gift of caring. His ability to connect with people combined with his wit and analytical thinking will sum up as his tool in creating a pleasant dealing with you. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and another in Nursing, his profound passion for learning has been his charm in creating connections to people. Jel knows how to live life to the fullest. On his off days, you will see him mingling with people from different walks of life or just with his family.