Aleisha has dedicated the last 20 years of her career to sales, marketing and dentistry. Most of all Aleisha enjoys seeing clients goals being achieved, with smiles all round!

With an enlightened sense of responsibility for clients interests, Aleisha has a huge passion for working with people and property. Aleisha’s focus is calibrated by her people-first approach, industrious work ethos, and a moral code to be the smile-maker in every transaction. She brings to the table an inherent work ethic of honesty, high integrity, conscientiousness and prioritises excellent service through clear and thorough communication. Friendly, approachable and compassionate, Aleisha loves to listen. If you know Aleisha already, you will undoubtedly agree that “she’s an extrovert, a real people person”. You can be assured that her priority will always be to respond to your needs, act in your best interests and provide guidance, so she can confidently assist her clients in the decision making process.

Having dedicated the past 20 years of her career to sales, marketing and dentistry, has had a constructive rippling effect on how Aleisha operates; humbly put, it’s with care, cause, and a clear command over communication. Having studied Interior Design, with the backing of the progressive team at Powers Realty and a valuable network of local connections, Aleisha has the headwind to advance clientele towards success in any market condition.

Homegrown in Tauranga, Aleisha is every bit of a local who’s well-associated with buyers, sellers, and the marketplace itself – it’s a divine combination at all phases of the selling or buying process. Still, it’s the unbeatable, beachy geography and family ties that have her laying down roots in Papamoa considering her profound love for the sea, with husband Levon and beloved dog Rocko, whom will be seen regularly in an upfront position on her stand-up paddle board on the water in numerous locations.

Taking the quote “a house is a building, but a home is a feeling” as verbatim, it’s through passion and purpose that Aleisha connects people with property.