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O'Flaherty Team
in partnership with John O'Flaherty... Over the years we have learnt that selling your home requires just as much listening as it does talking! Surprised?? Let us explain Listening isn't just hearing, it's comprehending and responding appropriately. We are committed to actively listening to you in order to understand how we can best meet your needs. No matter if you need to sell quickly or have a couple of months on your hands, we're committed to achieving your desired results. We build on our teamwork to provide you the best real estate service available in Lower Hutt. Through networking, developing relationships, hard work and creative eye-catching advertising, we're able to find the 'right buyers' for your home to attain the best end result for you. With backgrounds in art/design and engineering and three grown children, we recognise that people skills and attention to detail are invaluable assets in the real estate industry. By combining the best of both our skills, we're able to offer you a strong partnership that is dedicated to providing you with a positive experience. Many people think awards prove success, and while we've been awarded numerous national awards, at the end of the day we look to each and every satisfied client and count that as true success. Contact Maria O'Flaherty today for any of your property needs.