Why choose me to sell your property?

Because I know property better than the rest; it’s in my DNA. I can see the investment and development potential in a property because I’ve done it myself time and time again. I’ve been on the buying and selling end of both auctions and tenders, so I know what it feels like to miss out, and I know the exhilaration of winning.

It all started for me when I purchased my first home at 21, sub-dividing the section and building a small, two-bedroom home on the back. I was hooked and repeated this method of buying properties, adding value and realising their potential. My building knowledge is vast - I am a licensed building practitioner and have owned and operated a successful building company for the last 15 years, becoming an expert in all areas of construction. I am used to working closely with clients and am known for my positive, personable approach as well as my drive and enthusiasm.

Becoming a real estate agent was a natural progression for me. I’m passionate about all aspects of buying and selling property and I look forward to guiding you through the process.