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Born and bred on the North Shore, and specialising in its real estate since 2014, Sam is the man you need by your side if you’re buying or selling property in the area. 

It's fair to say Sam knows the local market inside out. He is extremely well connected, completing all his schooling on the North Shore as well as his many sporting endeavours and associations.

Calm under pressure, Sam has a ‘can do’ attitude and has honed his negotiation skills to ensure he gets the best results for his clients. He believes in old school values of hard work, delivering on promises and focussing on people and their needs. Having honest conversations, respecting people as individuals and treating clients how he'd like to be treated in the same situation.

Away from work, first and foremost, Sam is a loving Dad to his two girls. You can nearly always find them in and around the water. They enjoy ocean swimming, surfing, paddleboarding and hiking or just exploring Auckland’s beautiful and diverse environment.


Andrew Bunting

""In Sam we Trust..." Sam was professional from the get go. We respected his openness & honesty on property value and timeframes. He guided us through the process and fine print, so everything made sense at all phases. Supported by a great team - the photoshoot was true to life but impressive. His commitment exceeded our expectations. Sam was always readily available, calm and polite during our emotional ride..... 5 stars? Because he LISTENS, he HEARS, he's GENUINE and he CARES. Thanx Sam from us at Sandringham for the final time 😊"

Ash Batchelar

"This is a genuine and heartfelt testimonial of the completion of my first house buying journey and what an absolute pleasure it was to work with Sam and his team. This is also coming from someone who has been highly skeptical of the industry until now. I have been on the house buying path for nearly 5 years and have met many agents who see you as a target to meet their business quota. However, this is far from the experience with this amazing team. The experience was approachable, informative, information and questions easily answered, with a smile and an ease. Nothing was a bother and supported with a gentle guiding hand, which meant no additional pressure but readily informed. Sam and his team offer a genuine personal touch, calls and texts to follow up at the ready, followed by written correspondence. Holistic transaction if you will, dealing with the person and the business. They did an excellent job of looking after both buyer and seller. Not an easy feat by any means. Sam’s genuine excitement for me on getting my first house was so touching and greatly appreciated. I always believe the testament of any business relationship is if you would employ them again, and I would in a heartbeat. The real estate business is speckled with lots of stories of the lesser sort; but people like Sam are the genuine deal and a shining light for the industry. Sam and his team are the extra mile, they're the people you want to drop in and share a cheese board with. You would be doing yourself a disservice by not employing them and the Ray White team. "
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