Angela entered the Real Estate industry in 2006, following a successful career owning and managing a kitchen design and renovation business. During this time she won Marlborough businesswoman of the year in 1997.

After 11 years as a multi award winning salesperson, Angela stepped into the role of Sales and Training Manager. She then went on to qualify as a Branch manager, whilst obtaining her Agent’s license. Angela is now  Branch Manager and Principal Officer.

Coming from a serious car accident in 2007 which left her on life support, her perspective on life changed. Angela really wanted to make life count and has a passion to inspire people. As a Branch Manager, she is able to motivate and drive her team, solve problems in unique ways and find new ideas on how to market properties.

Angela is married to Grant with three children; her son Sam is studying Acting at a Performing Arts school in Wellington .Her daughter Annabelle has recently completed her Master in International Relations and Diplomacy and her eldest son Ollie manages a medical centre on the Gold Coast. Outside of Real Estate, Angela loves the theatre, acting, her animals and is actively involved with one of the local churches.

Her heart for her team is evident and she has a strong passion to keep leading them into their strengths both as individuals and as a team. She is not afraid to change and take on new things and “what worked today, may not work tomorrow so we should be prepared to move.”