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Donna and Angela - The Real Estate Girls

"Doing business with real people in the real estate business"

Donna Bailey & Angela Scarfe love being around real estate, they provide an exceptional customer experience producing excellent results for their many satisfied customers. Their children attended the local schools, and because of this they value the community spirit and relaxed atmosphere of the area. "It's a very family-orientated place with a number of excellent schools on offer. Centrally located and easily accessible to all areas of Auckland, Blockhouse Bay, Lynfield and Hillsborough are proving very desirable places to live.

"The girls are highly regarded in their local area and are well known as "Donna and Angela - The Real Estate Girls" and now proudly introduce Billy Scarfe as competent additions to their strong and professional team.

The plan is to continue to strive for excellence in service and working in a team environment with a mixed group of cultures within the office, takes care of the growing multi-cultural community in Blockhouse Bay, Lynfield and surrounding neighbourhoods plus Billy who comes with superb administration experience and a young outlook to assist those first-time buyers into their dream home.

Why not use The Real Estate Girls experience and invite them to your home. A chat with Donna, Angela, or Billy will be valuable in your decision to sell or buy!

Donna and Angela - The Real Estate Girls & Associates - "Doing business with real people in the real estate business"