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Pip Sutton
Pip has more than 20 years experience in sales and marketing, working for several international market leaders, both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. For the past 13 years, she has focused these skills entirely on selling and marketing property. Pip has been immersed in real estate her entire life, listening and learning as her family has run auctions, managed properties and negotiated all manner of real estate transactions. She has received the best possible mentoring available in real estate from her father, Dave Sutton, and REINZ's "Realtor of the Century", Peter Cook. She proudly represents the fourth successive generation of Suttons to service the Canterbury real estate market. She is passionate about carrying on the family tradition of providing the highest quality sales results to Canterbury. Pip was a valued member of a specialised sales and marketing team in the Aidanfield subdivision. Not only did she oversee the marketing for many stages of the projects, she was also involved in more than 500 sections at an average of $200,000 per section. That is $100,000,000 of land as well as a large number of homes within Aidanfield and citywide. Pip's skilful and specialised knowledge of the Canterbury property market enables her to respond to the ever changing market by tailoring flexible solutions to suit the environment. A friendly and approachable selling style is a Sutton family trait that Cantabrians have relied upon for 95 years. Please feel free to contact Pip anytime for assistance with your property needs. Pip's achievements & recognition 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - August 2019 2nd Top Salesperson - July 2019 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - February 2019 2nd Top Salesperson - January 2019 5th Top Individual Sales Professional 2018 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - August 2018 3rd Top Salesperson - July 2018 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - June 2018 Top Salesperson - April 2018 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - April 2018 Top Marketing Runner Up - 2017 2nd Top Salesperson - November 2017   2nd Top Salesperson - October 2017 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - October 2017   10/10 Customer Satisfaction - August 2017  2nd Top Salesperson - December 2016  10/10 Customer Satisfaction - August 2016 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - June 2016  Top Salesperson - May 2016 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - April 2016  10/10 Customer Satisfaction - February 2016 Top Salesperson - May 2016 3rd Top Salesperson - May 2015 Top Salesperson - August 2014 Pip's Learning/Education  Tafe College Auckland - 2005 Real Estate Salesperson Certificate  Lincoln University - Bachelor of Commerce & Management (Major Marketing)