After a significant career in sales, marketing, and strategy predominantly in the technology and health fields, Priya Shukla brings those talents and her client service experience to her role as a salesperson at Ray White Mangere. Focusing on the diverse needs of her clientele, Priya has a passion and empathy for people and is delighted to assist them on the next step of their real estate journey. Well-travelled, multilingual, and educated in London, Priya lives in and loves her Wattle Downs neighbourhood where she is raising her family and making a difference to the community.

UK born, Priya has a B.Sc. from University College London and a MBioEnt, Bioscience Enterprise from Auckland University. In both the UK and New Zealand she carved out a respected, high-profile reputation in a range of fields utilising her international business skills.  As a professional businesswoman she has held project management, strategic development and team leadership appointments in a diverse field of enterprises from solar energy, tourism, and food technologies to drug research. She joined Ray White Manukau in 2021 after completing a post-graduate medical research project at Auckland University.

Priya draws all the threads of her background together to bring unique and substantive expertise in the buying and selling of property. As an accomplished property investor for many years, Priya intimately understands the ethics and process to negotiate a successful outcome. Articulate, intelligent, and open in her communication, she garners enormous confidence in her ability from those she serves  – a critical skill in a profession that’s built on a foundation of trusted relationships. Her capacity to demystify the complexity of real estate transactions thereby reducing stress and uncertainty is enormously beneficial to her clients. 

Priya values her involvement with Women in Empowerment – inspiring women to be the best they can be and this flows into her role as a highly skilled yoga teacher. Mother to a young son she loves to spend time with him exploring New Zealand’s natural landscape.