"It's the little things that make a big difference in real estate"

When it comes to buying and selling you want to deal with someone you can trust, who is genuine, who listens, does what they say they will do and who is proactive, and can add value.

You need the right blend of professionalism, business nous, marketing, sales expertise, attention to detail, efficiency, knowledge and skill. Stephen can provide that and more. With a reputation for being a skilled communicator, relationship manager, and negotiator Stephen has an innate ability to relate to people and add value to those he connects with.  He genuinely gets a real buzz out of helping people achieve their goals and changing their lives and this is what motivates him. 

With more than 25 years of senior sales and marketing experience Stephen is not only skilled at developing and refining strategy but highly skilled at executing database, digital, print and social media marketing campaigns. He is known for being innovative and collaborative, working in with others to achieve a result.  Stephen has a extensive network of buyers, investors, trade, business and community connections he works with.

Having purchased and sold real estate himself and having seen and spoken to clients about the experience, Stephen invests time explaining the situation, the steps and process being taken, being fully transparent and upfront, nobody likes unexpected surprises or shocks.

Results are what it's all about, and a result for Stephen is having delighted and happy clients, knowing that he has played a part in facilitating and working with his clients to achieve a successful result. If you are lucky enough to work with Stephen you will quickly see that he has a relentless drive and passion about challenging himself to deliver a superior real estate experience.

"Changing Lives one Home at a time"



"Thanks for your patience and advice on how to prepare our Fathers home for sale. We were impressed with the way you marketed the property to get the buyers that you said would pay the most. We trusted you and valued your advice. Thanks for the energy and enthusiasm you put into marketing our property and negotiating with the buyers to get a price that was above our expectations."

Karen Williams

"Stephen was a pleasant professional. Treated us with a great deal of respect. Always accommodating and reliable. He quietly delivered above our expectations but never over-promised. He appeared to delight in his people... vendors AND prospective purchasers alike."
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