Energetic, focused, and disciplined, Chris Baxter is “Addicted to The Bays”.  As one of a new breed of real estate professionals, he’s passionate about his long-term career serving buyers and vendors assisting high-profile industry leaders and business partners Ricky Cave and Jayne Kiely. Chris has been hand-picked for their team for his authenticity, adaptability, and ingenuity on a range of duties pivotal to their client care commitments.

Well-travelled and educated in southeast Asia before moving with family to Auckland, Chris completed his education at Kings College.  For two years Chris was a successful letting agent for a large Epsom property management firm and attained his real estate salesperson license in early 2021. He forged a name for himself as a savvy, process-oriented team player and was recognized for streamlining property management systems to fine tune and improve the customer experience. This rare skill at identifying and solving problems with investor landlords and their tenants made his progression into real estate sales a natural migration when he joined Maguires One Team.

Because of his background, Chris has a strong empathy for people of other cultures and particularly those embarking on the challenges of relocating. This places him in a privileged position when dealing with Ricky and Jayne’s clients as they seek to market, sell and purchase property. Chris is a warm, genuine, and respectful Sales Associate and client care manager who actively listens and responds appropriately to the needs of those he is assisting.

Always aiming to be the best at whatever he tackles, Chris prioritizes physical fitness with regular high intensity training and loves to hang out with family and friends in his rare spare time.



"I’m just a person who was looking for a new place to live. Chris happened to host viewings for two separate properties I looked at and I was in communication with him throughout the application process for one of the properties. The guy is a legend. I viewed SO many places in my search and came across several landlords and property managers and Chris outshone the majority. While so many others were disconnected and robotic or had an empty friendliness, Chris was sincere and personable. He went above and beyond in answering my questions and really just made my experience in shopping around much more enjoyable. Even though my partner and I ended up deciding on a different place, in the end, Chris weighed heavily into my decision and was almost enough to sway me to go with the place he’d shown me, simply because he was so darn pleasant to deal with. I’m a little bummed he’s not managing the place my partner and I decided on. Big props to him. Please encourage him to keep doing what he is doing "


"He is so kind and down-to-earth. I have never seen a person like him. Not only with us, he has a good rapport with all the clients. I would like to give him 5 star rating for his service as he is a super star. If you guys are planning for any award ceremony please give him a best staff award, he deserves it. I have no doubt he is an asset to your company. "
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