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Leigh’s background in commercial radio, small business sales & motivation training, plus being a landlord, and operating a home improvement company, made real estate a natural fit. Firstly in the property management domain, providing support and advice to investors and landlords looking to maximise their portfolios. Now, utilising her knowledge of planning, regulations and council rules she has developed a reputation for straight-talking with facts particularly in the future urban zone around Drury.

Together with Sun Lim, they make a powerful team who have become recognised in the Drury and surrounding areas as being a font of knowledge regarding the nuances of the local market. 

What may seem like an unlikely match up makes so much sense when you realise their common passion for connecting people and property.

Sun Lim has called New Zealand home for the last 20 years; in that time raising her family, working in a family horticultural business and then opening her own cafe and catering business. Marketing and design qualifications along with a local network of business owners were a winning combination in the real estate industry. 

Since the two started working together as a team they have been able to truly maximise each other's strengths. A complementary skill set that has enabled them to work with a diverse range of owners and purchasers. Their goal is to equip people in the marketplace to make decisions from a place of strength - supported by facts.


Nigel & Jacque

"She knew the market in which we were selling and had a lot of local knowledge"

Ernest, Heleine & John

"We found her very helpful"
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