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Mila Hays is a skilled real estate sales consultant focussing on residential subdivisions, projects, and land development. While at the top of her game in New Zealand’s pre-built residential construction industry, Mila joined Ray White in 2022. She maintains her position at their Parnell office in the Projects division while simultaneously holding down a synergistic role with another prominent family-owned business in the building industry - residential property development consultant.

With a family background in construction and fluent in several languages, Mila graduated from AUT in 2018 with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Concurrent with studying she worked full time from 2015 as a sales agent for several central Auckland real estate firms. A stint in London for two years saw Mila honing her negotiation and customer service skills and when she came back to Auckland in 2021, she carved out a name for herself after joining transportable housing pioneers.

Mila has a strong affinity with builders, developers and property investors and enjoys enormous respect and admiration from this sector of the market for her vast knowledge of land subdivision and large-scale residential building projects. She is a creative problem solver, who works tirelessly to close the deal. Very driven and focussed to succeed, Mila’s obvious passion for construction and property development endorses her reputation as a person who gets things done when she says she will. With insight into what motivates people and as a strong connector who builds solid relationships, Mila is well networked both nationally and internationally. She has numerous contacts in the home building trades and professions vastly adding to the expertise and consultancy services she offers her clientele.

Spare time is scarce, but Mila spends it reading and on personal development. She loves travelling and is also a volunteer for World Vision.