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Martin Donnelly
My style of Property Management is simple; it’s influenced by my love of planning, logistics, and 6 years in the NZ Police control room answering emergency calls and dispatching radio channels. If I could keep my cool then, I can keep calm when a boiler breaks down on a Sunday night. I have aligned myself with Ray White Damerell Group Ltd Property Management,as the Operations Manager. After an already successful 10 year career within the Ray White Group as a Property Manager, being awarded Property Manager of the year 5 times (as recently as 2012) and achieving Premier status 6 years out of the last 7, the decision to make this move was an easy one. I’m building a property management business that offers precise, well-organised systems. As well as looking after tenants, I’m building strong relationships with landlords, taking time to learn what you need from your property and from your Property Manager. This is because landlords often need different things:  Help for the accidental landlord If you’re new to being a landlord, I can help you learn quickly. One of the biggest challenges is taking a home and changing how you see it so that it becomes an income. This is an emotional journey and one I’ve helped many clients make. Income for the new investor For many new investors, achieving maximum return and maximum occupancy is essential. I’ll give you as much advice as you need to get your assets working for you. Reliability for the seasoned landlord Stable tenants, regular income and problems dealt with quickly and efficiently without any fuss – anyone who has been in property for a while will want their properties to be quietly working away for them. I’ll keep busy so that you can forget. As well as giving clients the level of support they need, they also like the fact that I’m full of energy. I love property management; I genuinely get very excited when I’m hunting for tenants or taking on a new property to manage - it’s probably because I’m a landlord too. I know what it feels like to get good news from your Property Manager, achieve an excellent occupancy rate and get a good return on my investment.  My energy, thirst for excellence, very thorough approach, support and encourgement from landords and my peers, inspires me on a daily basis to build the very best Property Management business in New Zealand. I’m based in Ponsonby, but I am managing properties right across Auckland.  For precise, no-nonsense property management, give me a call on 09 378 8811 or 021 422 145. If I can’t deliver, I won’t promise it.    Damerell Group Ltd - Property Management