John Lantz - Ray White


John Lantz
Now more than ever, your chosen agent must understand what is required to take care of your largest asset in an ever-changing market. With 15 years in real estate, John brings a wealth of expert knowledge to every transaction and prides himself on his trusted reputation of dedicated service and advisory. A top performer in the Eastern Suburbs and in Ray White, John sold 31 homes in 2019 alone (over 300 in his career) and gives one hundred percent to ensure his clients are guided safely home. John’s business has been resilient through all markets showing his capacity to adapt quickly in any situation. In what can be a “flashy” industry, people gravitate to John’s understated approach, particularly his confident negotiating with a tactful and fair manner. John always, at heart, has the best interest of his clients. Through his enthusiastic attitude and warm sense of humour, he easily builds engaging rapport with people from all walks of life. Empathetic and loyal to his clients, John exceeds expectations to get the result you want. With John’s home and family in Remuera for over 20 years, he has progressively built an outstanding database, grown an impressive number of loyal clients and gained great friends.