John Lantz - Ray White


John Lantz
14 years since the beginning of his Real Estate journey, John began humbly and has since built an outstanding database, grown an impressive number of loyal clients and gained invaluable friends. Being a local resident of Remuera, John has established a trusted reputation based on his dedicated service entailing extensive market knowledge and transparent practices. As a former airline captain from the United States, John’s innate composure and analytical style has distinguished him as one of the top performers and an esteemed expert in his domain, supported by consistent achievements within Ray White since 2007. Through John’s enthusiastic attitude and warm sense of humour, he easily builds engaging rapport with people from all walks of life. His business has been resilient through all types of market, showing John’s capacity to adapt quickly in any situation accompanied by intuitive problem-solving to meet any challenge. Quietly confident at negotiating, he never changes his tactful and fair approach. Creative marketing skills put John at the forefront in a competitive industry, paving the way for a successful sale. John has an unparalleled work ethic that he attributes to his genuine energy in an industry where care, consistency, and a competitive drive make a significant difference. Empathetic and fiercely loyal to his clients, John exceeds expectations to get the result you want. To put it simply, John always has his client’s best interests at heart and they know it. Friends and family of John are his motivation and prize, those closest describing his character as infectiously good-natured, tenacious, and above all noting his unwavering integrity. John’s success in the Remuera and Meadowbank real estate market is attributed to non-negotiable standards of excellence. He measures this success by how his clients value him, therefore, ‘winning’ to John is demonstrated through unsolicited positive feedback from his clients accompanied by an exceptional referral rate.