Rita Lan - Ray White


Rita Lan
As the longest serving member of Ray White Remuera, Rita Lan has a proven record of excellence in sales and marketing. Since entering the Real Estate profession in 2001, Rita has attained a consistent Premier Membership for almost a decade. Her attainment of the 2017 Elite Award, further illustrates her abilities as an excellent salesperson. Rita’s success stories did not happen without continuous hard work. Her passion for real estate and her determination to never give up has sustained her in the ups and downs of the home buying market. She has gained the trust of her clients through showing responsibility, an eye for detail, and compassion. Her archive of numerous loyal clients is evidence of her steadfast devotion, commitment, and professionalism. As an immigrant from Taiwan, Rita understands the emotional stress and challenges that is involved with settling in a new country, and she is passionate about assisting families much like her own with buying or selling their home. Her fluency in Mandarin Chinese and English are major assets that allow her to relate and communicate with diverse cultures. After 16 years with Ray White, Rita has established a wonderful reputation in the Chinese community, as a person of high integrity and expertise. Working successfully in partnership with Lindi Chemaly, the two complement each other and offer their clients a depth of knowledge, and understanding of what is required and excellent negotiation skills. This dynamic team of two is guaranteed to get the job done, whilst offering you an exciting and joyful experience to your home buying and selling journey.