Sundeep Makkar is a welcome addition to the Ray White Takanini team - a group of professionals who take great pride in providing solid service to local residents from all over the world, who’ve discovered this vibrant, fast-growing corner of Auckland and decided to make it their home.

Sundeep says that his previous experience positions him perfectly for success in this new role, despite the fact it’s his first time operating in direct sales.

He worked in property management in the region for almost 18 years with up to 800 properties, and a team of at least seven people, under his supervision. 

Keen to relaunch himself in a different direction he is relishing the prospect of achieving fresh success with a new career at a challenging time for the real estate industry –at least for a while yet.

“I understand all aspects of current property regulations and compliance issues, some that have become more complex recently and I’m confident that I can guide my clients through all the various aspects, easily and without stress.

“I’m a property owner myself, plus I’m also a property investor - and a landlord, so I know exactly what first homers, investors and even seasoned buyers are looking for currently - and I also understand the fine points in terms of what is most important to them.”

When Sundeep isn’t busy working in property he enjoys playing hockey, which provides welcome physical exercise, and he also loves taking his family on Kiwi road trips. 

Sundeep has lived around the Takanini area for 15 or so years, currently in Longford Park, so he knows the fast-growing neighbourhood well.

“I can guarantee potential clients that I am going to take their home selling or buying journey very seriously and I will always pick up my phone, day or night.

“If they are satisfied, then I am satisfied!"