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New Plymouth

Team Stevens - Mel, Rebecca & Lynne
Team Stevens thrives in a world where people want information, knowledge and results instantly, in this world a team structure is the only way to offer people what they want. The advantages to working with a team of salespeople cannot be underestimated, competence and connection underpin every aspect of Team Stevens’ work. Strong and diligent in their interaction, every detail is considered to ensure the highest level of efficiency ‘we work for you, not the market, achieving the best outcome for your situation is our motivation’. With this in mind Team Stevens can produce exceptional results in their local marketplace and they have been recognized for their results across the country. MEL STEVENS Mel has real estate in her blood. Although it might’ve been her destiny, she really does love it. The fast pace, the connections, the every day. It just suits her. And the thrill of being on the journey with you, as you make a major life decision, well that’s what makes that real estate blood pump. With 20 years’ experience Mel is passionate about real estate Enthusiastic. Hard-working. Professional. REBECCA TERREY Rebecca has been doing the real estate thing for over 15 years - and after years in the industry through changing and challenging markets, Rebecca recognizes the importance of hard work and tailored campaigns. Rebecca thrives in the one-on-one. It’s about providing a valuable service while putting the deal together. Dedicated, disciplined, and easy going. LYNNE STEVENS Lynne has forged an impeccable and enviable reputation in the New Plymouth Real Estate market and the New Zealand industry since she began her impressive career in 1989. Lynne makes you feel at home. Which is exactly what you want when you’re buying or selling one. ACHIEVEMENTS RE/MAX NZ Platinum Award 2014 - 2016 & 2018 RE/MAX NZ Gold Club Award 2017 RE/MAX NZ 100% Club Award 2017 Number #3 Sales Team in New Zealand 2017 Number #1 Sales Team in New Zealand January 2017 Number #1 Sales Team in New Zealand 2014 - 2015 Number #1 Office in New Zealand 2005 - 2013 & 2016 Number #2 Office in New Zealand 2014 - 2015 Number #1 for Central North Island 2011 - 2016 Number #4 Sales Team in New Zealand - 2013 Number #3 Sales Team in New Zealand - 2016 RE/MAX NZ Marketing Award - 2015