Key to running any organisation is not only knowledge but emotional intelligence. Brent has recognized very quickly that the most important facet in Real Estate sales is providing exceptional service and guidance to both buyers and sellers.

Brent is the Principal for Southern Star Realty Ltd. He has a wide range of expertise from his business career that has spanned just under 30 years. Entering his first venture at the ripe age of 17, he soon learned the value of understanding people.

Having empathy is important in an industry where Buyers and Sellers find selling or buying a home or business can be quite emotionally taxing time in their lives, if not managed correctly as an agent.

Brent has owned numerous properties and businesses himself and understands what it is like to be on both sides of the fence. His experience when it comes to readying a home or business for market has allowed him to be in a fortunate position where around 80% of his listings are referred. He is also very well networked and is often passing on the details of other services or trades to assist clients.

Brent brings a refreshingly distinctive and no-nonsense approach.

If you want qualified advice from one of the top selling agents in the greater Wellington region then contact him today. He always has 15 minutes for a cuppa and a chat about your property and/or business.

You won’t be disappointed as his level of insight around the total Real Estate market which will give you a competitive edge when looking to sell your home or business.