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Wellington City

Adrian Harris
Born in the mainland, Adrian spent the formative years of his life in Kaikoura and Christchurch cultivating strong family values and an excellent work ethic through time spent around his grandparent’s farm. Swimming and diving for the much vaunted local seafood at Kaikoura was a special interest for him as was his involvement in rugby, tennis and cricket. A term of employment in Auckland followed and he moved to Wellington in the year 2004. Adrian has been proud to call the capital city his home since then. Prior to joining Tommy’s sales force, Adrian gained extensive work experience in sales and marketing over a 15 year period. This included time spent in the travel and tourism industry as business development manager for a cruise line company and then in the motor industry. Opting for the high end of the market, Adrian seized an opportunity to work with luxury car brand BMW in Auckland and then moved to Wellington as Peugeot and then Porsche Sales Manager. Success in the motor industry has similarities with the real estate industry where customer service and product knowledge are paramount. Luxury vehicles and residential properties are both “big ticket” items and Adrian’s attention to detail and his ability to listen and to identify the wants and needs of his clients has been a hallmark of his success in both industries. Adrian is the proud father of a young daughter Jorja, and spends much of his time supporting her at sporting events. His recreational time when taking a break from real estate is spent mostly with Jorja, friends and family. Since joining the Tommy’s sales force, Adrian has established himself as a successful team member and has taken considerable pleasure from his participation with the Tommy’s 40 strong sales team all of whom work closely together with a sole objective of offering the best possible real estate service. Situated in central Wellington, Adrian is well positioned to offer service to home buyers and sellers anywhere within his designated sales area from Churton Park in the north to Seatoun and Island Bay on the City’s Southern Coast. Adrian will take the stress out of buying and selling and will go the extra mile to ensure that he gives total satisfaction to his clients.