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Wellington City

Bill Mathieson
Bill Mathieson, as the first sales person employed by Tommy’s Real Estate he has embarked on a journey that has made both he and the company he represents synonymous with real estate success in Wellington. The company has prospered due in no small way to the role that Bill has taken in delivering a standard of service that is based on experience, integrity and self belief. He has consistently been a top performing sales person in Tommy’s and achieved the mantle of being the best in the industry in Wellington in past Real Estate Institute awards. The true worth of Bill’s experience has never been more apparent in the times that the market tightens and true sales ability becomes a prerequisite for success in the industry. He has prospered at a time when many have departed from the industry. Bill is a person of strong personal values and committed beliefs. HE IS DEDICATED TOWARDS ACHIEVING SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES Bill has a work ethic that is second to none and believes that his job is not done until his client, whether they are buyers or sellers, achieve the outcome they are seeking. He is goal orientated and passionately believes that if he assists his clients in achieving their goals, then his personal goals and aspirations will also be fulfilled. In his words “promises are nothing until delivered.” BILL - THE TEAM PLAYER Bill is very much part of the team scene at Tommy’s and works closely with management in the interests of the group effort. He ensures that when he undertakes a task on behalf of a home selling client that the entire Tommy’s team becomes an integral part of the sales effort and encourages them to introduce buyers and to sell the properties he has under his control. As a result, working with Bill means not only an unparalleled individual effort and commitment, but also the effort of a team that has similar ideals and objectives about how their business should be conducted. BILL - THE MARKETING GURU Before his introduction to real estate some 19 years ago, Bill had a successful career in radio marketing, so has a better appreciation than most of the value of offering his clients a “tailor made” marketing package that suits their particular requirements. This background contributes to Bill’s understanding and respect for the need to deliver unwavering satisfaction. LEADERSHIP BEGINS AT HOME Bill is family orientated with a stable relationship and family responsibilities. This assists immeasurably in understanding the pressures that can be involved in buying and selling. He understands the emotions involved, will respect your privacy, will protect your home and contents and most importantly, will remain confidential on matters relating to your personal circumstances. In particular, he believes that your reason for selling is your business and you can rely on his confidentiality. He appreciates the advantages of home ownership and property investment for long term security and family enjoyment and strives to assist his clients in achieving their personal real estate aspirations.