Jason Lange - Tommy's

Wellington City

Jason Lange
A proud and productive member of the Tommy’s team for five years, I am passionate about relationships and passionate about results. I love working with vendors to achieve the premium price for their properties and the challenge of creating a bespoke solution for each and every client. An authentic touch is highly valued in a fast-paced world, and by offering a sales and marketing plan that has been custom designed just for you alongside a friendly ear at a stressful time takes the pressure off. When it comes to the properties I have helped transact, the variety has been immense. From 150 unit-strong major commercial developments to standalone houses and premium apartments, my experience over the years has allowed me to explore what is on offer and what works. Operating across so many different property types has instilled in me a real understanding of the market and what is required to obtain the best possible outcome, no matter how complex the situation. I have also served in an advisory role for many investors around the Wellington region, assisting them to determine how best to build a successful property portfolio that delivers a solid performance. I come from a strong and innovative marketing background but also draw on my experience helping vendors get results, and I offer an invaluable combination of support, knowledge, commitment, and advice. In short, I offer the right advice when it matters most. After years in the industry, through changing and challenging markets, I recognise the importance of hard work and tailored campaigns and accomplish both with the help of my incredible team. As well as dedicated and talented admin staff, I work with a specialist marketing coordinator to ensure every box is ticked when it comes to delivering the ideal strategy to secure you the best results. Together we like to think we’re pretty unstoppable, and there’s nothing we love more than celebrating each triumphant campaign and delivering the news of yet another premium price to our vendors. Let’s work together to create something unique, exciting and successful by focusing on what really matters.