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Jason Lange
I love Wellington – it’s a real boutique capital city, with a beating heart – and we’re absolutely spoilt in terms of innovation, culture and ideas, not to mention food.” Moving to the capital city from Palmerston North at just 18, Jason bought his first investment property way back then – and was hooked. “I’m personally passionate about property , from the foundation of my first purchase more than a decade ago, I’ve learnt what makes a good investment and how to ensure you get the most out of your property when it comes time to sell.” Since then, Jason has bought and sold more than a dozen properties himself. Not only that, he’s also invested in lots of start-ups and sits on a couple of boards, so he’s got vast transactional experience in both the business and property worlds. “It’s all about understanding different wants, needs, and motivations and negotiating what is one of the most important life decisions most people will ever make; I help to facilitate that.” Not all agents are created equal, and Jason brings more than a handful of unique attributes to the table. University-educated – with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration majoring in Marketing and Commercial Law – as well as five years’ experience of owning and growing a digital marketing agency means Jason has additional insight into what it takes to succeed in today’s market. “Real estate, as an industry, is changing, and it’s not enough anymore to just tick a few boxes to market a home. With increased competition, I focus on really understanding who you are selling to, and employing all the marketing avenues available to us to ensure we maximise the exposure and sale price of your property.” Understanding really is the basis of Jason’s approach. With strong family ties and influence, Jason takes a holistic approach to understanding what a family are looking for, or need. From mowing lawns to looking after children to ease the pressure, Jason has proven time and again that he will do whatever he can to support his clients. “Growing up with my Dad owning a local tyre shop instilled in me that old school sense of customer service. I’m 100% committed to making sure every transaction is not just a transaction, and understanding each client’s big pushes and pulls.” Backed by Tommy’s Wellington – New Zealand’s #1 Real Estate Office – Jason is at your service to ensure the best possible outcome when buying or selling.