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By default real estate consultants become involved in people's lives so it is both important and appropriate that I share a little about my background by way of introduction.

With an engineering background as a qualified toolmaker I quickly realized at the young age of 22 years that I wanted to have my own business. I spotted an opportunity and began importing used tyres out of Japan. I set up a retail tyre shop in one of Wellington's outer suburbs and established my career as a determined business owner. More importantly I became a sales person providing exceptional client service and my business quickly grew.

After four successful years I took an opportunity to sell. I had a greater vision for a new business venture in the city. Seven years on I was running Wellington's Number 1 automotive performance operation, leading a team of 13. Having achieved my goal of owning and operating an extremely successful business I took the next opportunity to further my career once more. And that, as they say, is the history.

So over the last 17 years, and counting, I continue to be one of the 40 lucky property consultants at Tommy's Real Estate. As a team, we are passionate, and committed and dedicated to client service and satisfaction. As an individual, I am goal orientated and committed to achieving the best possible result for my valued clients. I am confident that by sharing my knowledge, integrity and experience, and by working together, we will secure a positive outcome.

My service is further strengthened by having Catherine McIntyre, also a qualified sales consultant, as support for our clients. Catherine concentrates on our marketing, advertising, listing administration and client liaison, freeing me up to work buyers, manage vendors, negotiate contracts and work hard with pre-qualified buyers.

Getting the best result starts with choosing the right team.