I'm here to make your next Real Estate experience an enjoyable one. It doesn't need to be complicated.

Shanan was born and bred in North Canterbury and remains committed to an area where is lives with his wife and two daughters.

A career in Sales was always on the cards for Shanan so it was fortuitus that, after an opportunity was afforded to him to change industries, he took it with both hands and has never looked back.

When not looking after his clients and customers Shanan is a true family man who enjoys spending quality time with his family. And when he's not doing that, Shanan loves to gather his thoughts whilst fishing or you might find him, with friends, on a golf course near you.

Shanan cares about the community he services and lines in, his clients and customers and focuses much of his efforts on creating deep and meaningful relationships built on trust, honesty and integrity. These are not attributes you'll find within an industry where competition is a plenty but, with Shanan, they are abundant and delivered unconditionally. Past clients and customers rave about him so feel free to review his testimonials.

Buying or selling in North Canterbury or just curious as to what's happening property wise in the region, feel free to contact Shanan - you'll be pleased you did.