Bryce entered the real estate industry in 1993 after leaving a career in the textile industry involving extensive travel both internationally and domestically. The exposure of nationalities and business cultures prepared Bryce well for real estate with the changing cultural mix that is now New Zealand, particularly the Auckland market.

Bryce is a very successful, hardworking professional, with a strong belief in his ability to succeed and a dedication to providing quality service to both buyers and sellers. This would not have been possible over the years without the back-up of wife Diane and their children. Bryce and Diane now work as a team to provide an all-round service to their clients while their children have completed their university degrees and joined the workforce.

For Bryce and Diane the values of honesty, integrity and confidentiality are non-negotiable. Clients are often transacting their major asset (their home) and expect nothing less.

Having a feel for colour and design gives them the ability to help guide clients as to the potential of their properties. This ultimately leads to a more valuable asset when the time comes to sell. Whether the market is good or bad, having properties well presented at the time of sale gives the greatest chance of success. Bryce and Diane pride themselves in being able to provide quality advice and service.

Bryce is one of the residential real estate market’s most experienced players. He has an enviable track record that speaks for itself.